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I have been working extremely hard to bring you the next iteration of this project. However, as I am building up all the integrations, it's clear to me that I will need to expand the infrastructure to handle the load. If you have found this project helpful and would like to help support it please use one of the following two methods:

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Big thank you to the few who reached out to me asking how you could donate to support the project and for giving me the idea to put a donation link on the site so others could do the same.

Virus Total Stub Generator

You can use this tool to create a stub IOC from the details Virus Total has for a given file. To use it simple drop in an address for a file on Virus Total and hit generate.


  • This is a stub of an IOC intended to be used as a base to make a more robust IOC.
  • The IOC stub is generated from data provided by Virus Total. Not all files have the same data available.
  • The format of the IOC stub may change frequently as we refine it.